2019 OET S&T Instructor refresher for OET, Oct 19&20

The annual instructor refresher event at Hintertux, Austria. OET Instructors clinic provides an opportunity for International Division instructors to have a forum to discuss and try out teaching strategies and protocols for the different ski'snowboard techniques necessary to run the sled. Patrollers or Candidates are welcome to come along and see what it takes to be an instructor. They will be actively engaged in the training as assistants to the instructors. Sign up for the courses before:- U005190011, U005190012, U005190013 and U005190014

Registration is now via the NEW app, follow the link below. Note, the log in is the same as your credentials for the NSP app used last year, (email and password). If you forgot your password, use the recovery button, if you're new to the NSP, register via the register button. Any problems contact Fergus directly or via your PD

Note:- This is a temporary URL for this registration https://nspintldiv1.firebaseapp.com/

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