Awards Program

Advisor:   Mr Mike Staszewski

The Awards Program is intended to recognize the accomplishments of all active Division members.  Patrol Directors need to do the right thing and recognize the Patrol membership for their accomplishments.

POC Email:

MARCH - APRIL =  Awards Package Generation Months 

National Level Awards Competition

• Award Program guidance is outlined Chapter 12 of the National Policy & Procedures (P&P) Manual.  The P&P and updated award nomination forms are available from the NSPS website under the "Member Services" link (requires a login and password).  Click on the "Bookshelf" link from the left side navigation ladder, then select the "NSP Governing Documents" link.  Available downloads are on the right side of the page.

"Outstanding of the Year" Award submission deadlines intended for National Level consideration...

• Alpine Ski Patroller
• Nordic Ski Patroller
• Young Adult Ski Patroller
• Professional Ski Patroller
• Patroller
• Administrative Patroller
• OEC Instructor
• Non-OEC Instructor
• NSP Patrol Representative
• Patrol (Large, Small and Nordic)

Start the process as early as possible to avoid a time crunch and heed the below National/Division imposed deadlines.

• • NLT 15 April - MUST be in the hands of the Division Director with original signatures at all approval levels below Division.

• • NLT 1 June - The cutoff date for all Divisions to have award packages to the National Awards Program Director.

The National Ski Patrol has a number of other award opportunities designed to recognize the many ways our members serve the recreational public.  The European Division strives to provide recognition to any and every member based upon their participation and activities throughout the year.

All other awards  (Merit Stars, National and Leadership Commendation Appointments, Certificates of Appreciation) may be submitted at any time as they do not have a mandatory timeline imposed.   All award submission forms going to the National office for approval must have original signatures at all approval levels and must be processed through the Division Awards Administrator.  National requires a minimum 45 day processing time.  Keep that in mind for your intended presentation date.  The earlier you send it in, the better.

•  Division Awards are typically presented at the November OTH Refresher where the greatest potential Division membership is expected to be present.