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 As one of eleven divisions comprising the National Ski Patrol System (NSPS) Inc., we are dedicated to the NSPS core values, mission and creed of "Service and Safety".  

We have active patrol members located throughout Europe and the Middle East.  Presently, we have "active" members in 7 Patrols participating in training/patrolling activities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Egypt and Dubai, UAE.  As our education curriculum (in English only) comes from the U.S. based National office in Lakewood, Colorado, we offer the very same learning and career development opportunities as our U.S. based counterparts.

While the NSPS is a United States based non-profit organization, we welcome members from all over the international community that have a better than "conversational" command of the English language.  In this way, the Division has the potential to provide unique training opportunities to a truly international audience.

We are a proud FIPS member  

  • Since the Division maintains a FIPS membership, Division registered members inherit the same FIPS membership privilege.
  • It also entitles a member, with an achieved patroller status, to optionally affix the FIPS patch on the Division uniform.
  • Refer to the Division P&P Manual for details on placement of the FIPS patch on the Division uniform jacket/vest.
  • Contact the Assistant Division Director to purchase the FIPS patch and/or sweater pin for $10.00 each.

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