Hi all,

The new app for NSP INTERNATIONAL is ready for you and in the Google and Apple stores. search for NSP INTERNATIONAL. You have to register on the app and then check your email for a link. Any problems registering contact: fergusbrae@gmail.com

In the app please update your profile and look at the events in the calendar for the 2019 training events and register for them, including this event

TIP: in calendar, to see the monthly view, just pull down on the days at the top to go from week to month view.

If you can't use the app just yet, and want to register for Lauterbrunnen, contact George via email to bernie@haslam.com

  • Purpose of event: OTH training for 2019 candidates and Instructors.. Plus MTR basic training
  • Location: Lauterbrunnen, (Switzerlands
  • Arrival please on Friday 15th Mar night
  • All payments are in Swiss Francs, ATM's are next the lift station
  • Need accommodation?  Indicate your needs on the app, or contact Bernie via email
  • Any questions, please contact Bernie, "bernie@haslam.com