"NSP's Mountain Travel and Rescue Program offers a sequence of courses that prepare ski patrollers and others to manage group safety and to participate in search-and-rescue operations in the mountains, including backcountry and off-piste settings.  The courses cover basic survival skills, mountain travel techniques, wilderness navigation, hazard management, mountain weather, group dynamics, environmental considerations, medical problems specific to mountain environments, search-and-rescue principles, and emergency rescue techniques, including rope work.

There are five courses. Mountain Travel and Rescue Fundamentals and Mountain Travel Rescue 1 prepare candidates to be search-team members in ground-based search and rescue operations.  Mountain Travel and Rescue 2 prepares more experienced candidates to serve as task-force or strike-team leaders.  Mountain Travel and Rescue Clinics (with no prerequisites) and Mountain Travel and Rescue Enhancement Seminars (for students who have completed MTR F, MTR 1, or MTR 2) focus in depth on specific skills for mountain search and rescue operations. All courses involve hands-on field sessions; Mountain Travel and Rescue 1 requires an overnight field session."

Source: https://www.nsp.org/NSPMember/Member_Resources/Instructor_Resources/MTR_Instructors/NSPMember/For_Members/Resources/MTR_Instructors.aspx?hkey=576529b5-283a-4882-a90e-98ed3fd2d5f2

NOTE:  3 FEMA course completions are prerequisites for Level 1 Avalanche, Module 3 & 5 and Level 2 Avalanche for Rescue Personnel.  The same 3 courses are prerequisites for MTR 1 & 2.
To support any future AVA/MTR course efforts, the following courses are registered for the membership and closing 30 Jun 2018.  They appear on the "Member Resources > "Course Schedule" .
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The FEMA link to register/take the course/exam is located in each course "Comments/Remarks" section.
When you're ready to take the exam, you'll also need your FEMA "SID" (Student ID).  It is the same SID if you enrolled in/completed the ICS-100.b course previously.  If you don't have an SID, you must click the "Register" link to get one.
Any folks enrolling in these courses MUST email their completion certificate evidence to mikeskidog@gmail.com so proper course credit can be given when closing the course on 30 Jun 2018.   No certificate = No course credit.
NOTE:  The email you receive from FEMA subsequent to your exam submission is the ONLY method of retrieving your course completion certificate.  SAVE IT FOR FUTURE REFERENCE!