National Ski Patrol Awards: Zugspitze

The National Ski Patrol has a number of awards designed to recognize the many ways in which our members strive to serve the outdoor public. The European Division strives to provide recognition to any and every member patroller based upon their participation and activities throughout the year. Each award may not be awarded in a given year, but the following list includes the awards presently available.

  • Outstanding Patrol
  • Outstanding Patrol Director
  • Outstanding Alpine Patroller
  • Outstanding Patroller
  • Outstanding Young Adult Patroller
  • Outstanding Candidate
  • Outstanding OEC Instructor
  • Outstanding non-OEC Instructor
  • Merit Stars (Gold, Silver, Purple, Blue or Green)
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • Meritorious Service Award
  • Patroller's Cross
  • more specific awards can be found in the current National Ski Patrol Policies and Procedures.
  • Awards Administrator

    Awards can be submitted at any point in the year, but all National level awards must be sent to the Awards Administrator by May 31 of a given year for consideration for the preceding season. If you have questions, please contact your European Division Awards Administrator:

    Awards Administrator:
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