How to Join the National Ski Patrol European Division:

The requirements to join the any Patrol in the European Division are governed by the National Ski Patrol. In summary, they are:

  • Over 18 years of age (or 15 years with parent/guardian consent)
  • Demonstrated willingness to volunteer
  • The requirements to attain/maintain any National Ski Patrol level are listed on the Members page. Essentially you must pass the required curriculum and attend the yearly refresher. It is important to note that the majority of our coursework is conducted in English; you'll need a good working knowledge of that language. We do have a number of bilingual and multilingual members who can help out if you're still perfecting your skills.

    While you may only be a volunteer while participating in the European Division, you'll still be a member of the professional rescue community. As a professional rescuer, many of the costs associated with maintaining your training level can be tax deductible. Obviously, you'll need to talk to you own tax accountant to determine how best to take advantage of those opportunities (The European Division does not give out tax advice).

    A large portion of the success of the European Division is the consistent volunteer support provided to us by U.S. Forces overseas. While we benefit from the dedication and professionalism of deployed forces, their community also benefits from the training and experience provided by the National Ski Patrol.

    Cost Benefit Analysis (2013)


    Yearly Membership Dues

  • NSP: $41
  • Division: $20
  • Patrol: $0-$10 (varies)
  • Course Fees

  • OEC Training $60 (one time)
  • Refresher Training Travel/Lift Passes
  • On The Hill Training Travel/Lift Passes
  • Training Sites Information
  • Benefits

  • Discounts while skiing in the US.
  • Professional Discounts with NSP Partner Vendors; Check NSP Magazine for current details.
  • Volunteer Recognition in your community/work.
  • Understanding how to take care of yourself and loved ones in an emergency.
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