Frequently Asked Questions: Zugspitze

Q: I would like to participate, but I am not from the United States. What are my options?
A: The National Ski Patrol has no citizenship requirements. As long as you can meet the requirements to join we'll be happy to train you.

Q: I can't ski or snowboard, can I still join?
A: There are many aspects of the work done by the National Ski Patrol don't require ski or snowboarding skills. The rank of Patroller is awarded to volunteers who embrace the Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) aspects of our work, but who choose not to participate in the Outdoor Emergency Transport (OET) program. You may join and participate as a Patroller for as long as you like and you may elect to train to become and Alpine Patroller at any time.

Q: I'm a member of the National Ski Patrol in the United States, can I train or patrol with you in Europe?
A: Absolutely! Please contact the Patrol Director of the Patrol you are interested in working with to confirm your credentials and coordinate your arrangements.

Q: I'm already an [EMT, Paramedic, Doctor, Nurse, etc]; do I really need to go through your Medical Training Program?
A: The National Ski Patrol Outdoor Emergence Care Program (OEC) is designed specifically to address the unique aspects of emergency medicine in austere environments. Your background will be of great advantage to you in the course, but you will likely encounter new material. Many of the European Division members have backgrounds in Medicine and Emergency Medicine, but we all participate in the OEC Program. The NSP does offer a course challenge in lieu of the full course if you feel you already have a command of the material.
If you participate in a course challenge, you'll have an opportunity to take the examination portions of the OEC course without attending any of the classes. Passing an OEC challenge will grant you the rank of OEC Technician and you'll be able to continue training from there.

Q: I've got medical experience, and I'd like to help out with your training program. What are my options?
A: Guest instructors are always welcome. Contact the Patrol Director of the Patrol nearest you to volunteer.

Q: Can I make a donation instead of joining?
A: Sure! We encourage community participation in every form, so you may make a donation with or without a guiding statement indicating how you'd like that donation used. Please contact your local Patrol Director for more details.

Infrequently Asked Questions

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