Stuttgart Ski Patrol

Patrol Hq: Stuttgart, Germany

Patrol Director - Mr. Carl Schmitt

We belong to the European Division of the United States National Ski Patrol and serve/support local ski clubs and outdoor recreation organizations by providing educational services and emergency care.
Footprint range:  Stuttgart area, Italy, Turkey

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Stuttgart Patrol Director's Message - Carl Schmitt  -  4 June 2021

•  Except for glacier skiing, the 2007-08 ski season is over.  Living in Stuttgart, we have easy access to high alpine adventures that most people can only enjoy on TV or the internet.  Hiking, mountain biking, rafting, and white water kayaking are great examples of what’s available at our door step.

•  It’s important to remember that the Stuttgart Ski Patrol provides outdoor emergency care all four seasons. We’re more than ski season care providers.  I recommend you spend some time on our homepage and consider becoming a member of the National Ski Patrol System

•  If you're new to the Stuttgart area and enjoy the outdoors, consider joining the Stuttgart Ski Patrol.  The patrol supports the Stuttgart Patch Ski Club and other community organizations.  Check out our Fall Outdoor Emergency Care class schedule.  The first class is September 09th and classes end on Nov 25th.

•  Due to the constant rotation of patrollers, the patrol is always looking for new candidates and patrollers transferring to Europe. 

•  If you have any questions on the Stuttgart Ski Patrol, contact me.  I work for the 52nd Signal Battalion, Bldg 2319, on Patch Barracks.  My DSN is: 430-1440, commercial: +49-(0)711-680-1440 or at home: +49-(0)7031-417 1864.  My e-mail is:

A volunteer organization providing emergency services and training opportunities
The Stuttgart Patrol provides the following services to the community:
  • Conducts the Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) course annually
  • Organizes CPR classes with the Red Cross
  • Provides patrolling coverage to the AFRC ski area in Garmisch, Sitzmarkers youth ski trips, and scouting trips
  • Provides safety presentations and supports community events such as the health fair and the 24-hour marathon with medical assistance.