Garmisch Mountain Patrol

Patrol Hq:  Garmisch, Germany

Patrol Director - Mr. Jack Smithback

We belong to the European Division of the United States National Ski Patrol and serve/support local ski clubs and outdoor recreation organizations by providing educational services and emergency care.

Footprint range:  Southern Bavaria, Garmisch, Austria

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The Garmisch Mountain Patrol is the focal point for NSP support to the Armed Forces Recreation Center's

For details on patrolling for the Edelweiss Lodge & Resort, consult:

  Appendix B of the European Division Policies and Procedures  

  The European Division & ELR Agreement regarding European Division patroller support/compensation for patrolling at the ELR Hausberg Lodge "backyard" or,

  Contact the Garmisch Mountain Patrol Director above.

Unless otherwise arranged by the affected patrols, the ELR Patrolling Schedule indicates the coverage assignments for each Patrol (minus West Point)