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This site provides the official forum for coordinating patroller support, training events, and other activities for the patrols that make up the European Division. 
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Any commercial link displayed on this website is provided for informational purposes only and does not imply nor constitute an endorsement by the National Ski Patrol System, Incorporated or the European Division.

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"Who We Are" "Division News" "Staff Corner"
...provides info about the National Ski Patrol mission, history and the top level European Division Officers to contact on how to become a member. ...includes updates to the NSP Europe patrolling community. Upcoming Division events are also posted. ...where you'll find information from the various Division Discipline Supervisors about their programs, upcoming events and other hot topics.  ...contains Division policy, forms and other pertinent information and for patrollers and candidates. ...useful information such as weather and snow reports, and related outdoor activities.

The European Division is a proud member of the

Click on the FIPS emblem above to go to the FIPS website,
and get info about the 2009 FIPS Congress in Εre, Sweden!
 25 April - 2 May 2021
•  Since the European Division maintains a FIPS membership, Division registered members inherit the same FIPS membership privilege. 
•  It also entitles a member with an achieved patroller status to optionally affix the FIPS patch on the Division uniform. 
•  Download the Division Policy & Procedure Manual for details on placement of the FIPS patch on the Division uniform jacket/vest.
•  Contact the Division Director to purchase the FIPS patch and/or sweater pin.