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European Division Patrol Line-Up
NSPS Board approves the transfer of the Asia Patrol (X002) to the European Division
-  At the June 2008 NSPS Summer Board Of Directors (BOD) meeting in Lakewood CO, the BOD approved the transfer of the Asia Patrol (based in Korea), currently administered by the National Office, to the European Division. 
-  This will increase our numbers as well as our Division footprint. 
-  Plus it gives the Asia Patrol members a voice on the BOD.  Something they currently do not have.
-  Administrative issues are being worked with the National office to bring the Asia Patrol into the European Division structure. 
8 Sep 2020 - Appendix B of the Division P&P is updated with the current SOP for patrolling at the Edelweiss Lodge & Resort.  Check the Garmisch Patrol page for all the details.
9 Sep 2020 - CPR UPDATE - See the OEC Supervisor's Page for details regarding CPR changes affecting NSPS members.

12 Oct 2008 - From the 2008 S&T Clinic - The Division OEC Supervisor with the concurrence of the two Region OEC Administrators instituted a change to the Euro Form 2, OEC Scenario Performance Record.  A redundant entry (Block 13) on the 8 Aug 2021 Form was removed and is left "Intentionally Blank".  Effective immediately, all previous editions are obsolete and not to be used.
8-10 Nov 2008 -  The 2nd OEC Cycle A Refresher and the Annual On-the-Hill  (OTH) Refresher.  See the OEC Supervisor's Page for details. 
13 Dec 2008 - The 3rd Division OEC Refresher is scheduled for Heidelberg, Germany.  The exact location is TBD.  See the OEC Supervisor's Page for details.
*** If you're interested in marketable snow sports instructor skills, Check the Division NSP Ski School page for details on upcoming PSIA/AASI Instructor clinics and exam events at the Edelweiss Lodge & Resort. 
Patrol Directors - Check the Division Registrar's page for info that is critical to your Patrol registration cycle.
ASAP - New Line Staff Officers:   If you're newly elected into a Line Staff position (Patrol, Region or Division Director), make sure to process an Officer Change Form through the Division Registrar for forwarding to the National Office.  Forms are available on the "For Division Members" page.

Patrolling support to the Edelweiss Lodge & Resort (ELR) - The 2008-2009 schedule is available.  See the Garmisch Patrol Page for info on the how to conduct yourselves while performing this very important function.  The 11 Nov 2020 Agreement details what ELR will provide, what the Division will provide and participating patroller compensations.  Keep in mind, you are European Division ambassadors of the NSPS and your conduct reflects greatly on the the entire organization.   
Division Liability Release Form - Euro Form 10, Liability Release Form, with the scrutiny of the Division Legal Counsel has changes made to it effective 1 October 2007.

  Effective immediately, the Liability Release Form is completed by all candidates during the registration process and members in a training status in any NSPS sanctioned course where the participant is subject to strenuous or dangerous activities.  Courses include but not limited to, OEC, Basic and Senior OTH training, Avalanche, and MTR, to name a few.

  Forms are maintained by the Patrol Director for Patrol level OEC and OTH training.  The Instructor of Record in coordination with the Discipline Program Supervisor maintains release forms for all other activities.  This form (zip file) is available on the "For Division Members" page. 

Recruiting new members is an ongoing, year-round process, not just in the month of August like the Division calendar indicates.  Candidates can be brought into the "fold" and begin their training exposure "out of cycle".  As long as they know that up front, there should not be an issue with keeping their expectations real.  That interest and curiosity is what caused them to seek us out in the first place.   Let's keep the enthusiasm alive!
Line Staff:  See the Awards Advisor's Page for details and timelines.  Lots of our folks have done great things.  Here's the opportunity to recognize their efforts.