1. Greetings Folks- was looking to see how many were interested in flying up to the Mutthornhutte for MTR-1 23-26 Mar but its not looking like that can happen now. Please provide feedback when you can. We’re looking to tour in the Chamonix area as we set up MTR-2 options and additional instructor development. Dates would center around 3-7 but we could adjust earlier or later based on interest.


    1. MTR 2 in Chamonix is possible, but cost is an issue, as well as the planned tour. Ideally, we need to carry all our gear to bivy one night, but not for the entire ski tour due to weight.

      If it is combined MTR1 & 2 together, then we would need some kind of ground school for the uninitiated, so that we do not have to cover these skills (from the very beginning) during the (more expensive) ski tour. Plus, people do need time to practice, and/or figure out what gear they need (and do not need based on weight) for the ski tour and overnight bivy.

      If it is a real ski tour, then it would be nice for group dynamics, if people know what they are doing, and not carrying or trying to ski off-piste with too much weight in their packs.

    2. I’m game March 31st-April 5th or the evening of April 13th to the 16th.

      I’d prefer to just skin up and head out, but can help with as few hours of class in those windows as well.

    3. Hi Jay, we are flying out for the national Powderfall event on the 30th of March. Christi and I will not be able to complete any training past that date. Of note, I did get registered for the Ski Mountaineering Class and Avy and MTR Instructor Continuing Clinics. I’ll try to bring back as much information as possible.


    4. I’ll be back in the states for a conference starting on 4 Apr. Too bad 23-26 Mar didn’t work out. Thanks for putting this all together.

    5. Hi Jay,

      I’m kinda new at the Ramstein Patrol and would be interested in this as long as it occurs before 15 Apr. Are there any prior training requirements? Since I’m new I don’t have any of the formal patrol training yet.

      Look forward to hearing from you!

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