On The Hill in Bichlbach

Our Austrian Training events are held at Bichlbach near Reutte. In the shadow of the Zugspitze,  Bichlbach offers beginner and intermediate ski slopes.

Outdoor Emergency Transportation candidates will be able to perfect their ski/snowboard skills and practice with the sled on both Bichlbach runs.  Outdoor Emergency Care Scenarios are typically held near the peak just off the ski lift, or occasionally at the base of the mountain prior to riding the lift.  Candidates will be required to treat simulated injuries/illnesses in real-world conditions, taking into account actual and simulated hazards.

Download the Southern Region OTH SOP .pdf here.


Standard Operating Procedures
For Southern Region On-The-Hill (OTH) Training
in Bichlbach, Austria
Southern Region Director/Coordinator:  Mr. George Roos
Email:  george_roos@yahoo.com
Cell:  +49-160-542 6594
Updated:  02 Mar 2021


PD Responsibilities

Patrol directors or their appointed patrol On-The-Hill Coordinators are the point of contact for all coordination efforts between the Region OTH Coordinator and their Patrol’s OTH Training participants.  The preference is to have one point of contact for each patrol’s information rather than receiving “reservation information” from each individual patrollers.  An individual’s information can be sent directly to the Region OTH Coordinator in a short notice “emergency”.

Registration Notification

Email the following information to the Southern Region OTH Coordinator NOT LATER THAN 19:00, TUESDAY NIGHT before the OTH training weekend.

  • Name:
  • NSP Member ID:
  • Patrol:
  • Cell Phone:
  • Discipline: (Ski/Snowboard/Nordic)
  • Status: (Candidate, Patroller, Alpine Patroller, Senior, etc…)
  • Attendance Intent: (Screening, OTH training, Refreshing, Instructor, OEC only, Free Ski, etc…)
  • Lodging – Where?

Attendee Responsibilities


  • Attendees are responsible for finding their own lodging.
  • Unless you have a favorite place to stay, I recommend using Booking.com
  • Closer towns to find a Gasthaus in include Bichlbach & Heiterwang. If staying farther away, give yourself enough time to get to the lift on time, as traffic can be a potential issue.
  • Gasthaus prices typically start at about €35-40/person/night for double occupancy.

Lift Pass

  • Attendees purchase their own lift passes at the main window. Mention that you are with the “Ski Patrol” to get your modest discount.
  • For 2016, an adult two day lift pass is €70.

OTH Training

  • Meet at 08:30 at the Almkopfbahn Lift -  PLEASE BE ON TIME!!!
  • GPS: Almkopfbahn 149,  6621 Bichlbach, Austria
  • Training groups are finalized Saturday morning
    • Candidates that have not yet screened will be placed in a screening class initially to determine if they have the requisite skills to continue on to the OTH training program.
  • Training will normally runs until 17:00 on Saturday and 15:00 on Sunday.
  • Debreifings/Feedback
    • As the restaurant at the bottom of the hill is currently closed, we will meet at the hutte at the top of the Almkopfbahn lift.
    • Feedback sessions on Saturday should start at 1600 and 1400 on Sundays.
    • Feedback sessions are meant to provide constructive criticism for candidates and for candidates to ask for clarification of any perceived inconsistencies regarding instruction.

Other Information

  • Lunches: Can be had on the mountain at a hutte for between €10-€20, depending on how hungry you are.
  • An Austrian Vignette is not necessary for travel to Bichlbach.
  • Austrian police will sometimes set up a temporary radar on Sunday (usually near Vils) to get any money you may have left. They prefer cash, but will take credit cards.