Annual Refreshers

Annual Refresher Obligations

To remain a member in good standing, each member must complete the following annual refresher requirements. You can find your required certifications in "My Page--Courses"

•  Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) Refresher

The National Ski Patrol requires all members to participate in annual OEC refresher events to help ensure that we are all up to date on the latest medical care and assessment techniques.  This refresher requirement applies to all members holding the OEC technician qualification.  An "OEC technician" designation is bestowed upon a member that successfully completes all modules of the OEC course.

Members who patrol on a daily basis throughout the season will, thankfully, not see the full range of injuries and scenarios that we are required to address during our refreshers.  The annual OEC refresher covers roughly 1/3 of the OEC course material and focusing on specific core topics of the more commonly encountered issues and also highlighting many of the less frequently occurring situations.  The OEC Refresher runs in a 3 year cycle, so that every member reviews the full contents of the OEC course material within 3 year cycle.

Annual Refresher events are offered by the European Division every year, and any National Ski Patrol member can participate to complete their annual obligation.  Please remember to complete your online refresher modules and OEC Refresher Cycle workbook prior to attending.  Let us know if you'd like to volunteer to help instruct any  hands-on topics.  The annual refresher is a great opportunity to practice your Instructor skills!

•  Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET) Toboggan Refresher

Annual toboggan refreshers are mandated just like OEC but are not applicable to those members holding the OEC Technician, Patroller and/or Senior Patroller qualification.  All other member classifications must complete this annual refresher requirement.  Two Division-sponsored events can take care of this obligation held in October and November as well as any of the Region-sponsored On-The-Hill (OTH) training events conducted in January through March.

•  Basic Life Support (BLS)

The National Ski Patrol also requires that active patrollers annually renew their BLS certifications.  The European Division has a number of members who are also American Red Cross Instructors.  The annual refresher is an opportunity for participants to review their BLS materials and renew their certifications.  Please be aware that there may be a large number of members attempting to renew their certifications at any particular annual event, so please communicate your BLS requirements to the OEC Refresher Event Coordinator!

As the European Division is a geographically diverse group, annual refreshers are a great opportunity to meet up with your fellow patrol members and enjoy some good company.  The training is top-notch, and the camaraderie is even better!

American Red Cross Instructors

Most European Division Patrols aim to have a dedicated ARC Instructor to address their local training requirements.  If your patrol is having a hard time meeting their BLS training needs, perhaps you can help by getting certified to teach with the Red Cross.  The Division has set aside funding to cover some of the training costs for the program, and it is a great way to improve your BLS training while serving your community.