Division Registration Info

Division Registrar:  Mr. Mike Pangman

As of May 2017 - Associated Costs for becoming an NSP member:

•  National Dues (Annual):  $55.00

•  Division Dues (Annual):  $40.00

•  OEC Course registration fee (one time):  $60.00

•  Local Patrol dues as applicable to each Patrol



At this time, there is a modified approach for registering brand new members and adding new alumni members to secondary rosters.
Please read and follow the instructions below.  Failure to do so could cause problems with your patrol registration.

Members on the Yes/No Roster can be renewed and lapsed or transferring members can be registered as usual at any time.

To register brand new members:
1. Do a thorough search for anyone who may be a new member.  If a matching record is found, use the “Add to my Patrol” button and proceed as usual.

2.  If there isn’t a matching record, DO NOT add a new member record.  New member records must be created in the database at the national office.  Please email the following information to Ms. Cheri Overton at
• Patrol name and number
• First name (not a nickname)
• Middle initial
• Last name
• Valid birth date
• Primary phone number
• Zip code

3.  A reply will be sent after the information is entered.  Then, you can search for the new member and add them on your "Members Adding to Patrol" page.

4. ll remaining required member information must be entered through the EDIT button.  This includes address and gender.

A status (volunteer/paid) and patroller type/classification (i.e. Alpine Patroller, Alpine Candidate, etc.) be selected.  Without this information, the online registration system won't calculate dues.

*  If you see "Unassigned" or "OEC", you will need to edit the status or type field.  If you're having problems editing new member records, please email with the member ID number, type, and status so the information can be manually updated in the database.

5.  To register alumni to your secondary patrol for the first time, please select volunteer under status and Alpine Candidate for patroller type/classification.  You must notify the national office so we can update the records to alumni.