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Pin AdminPatrol   Administrative Patrol

Patrol Director:   Mr Mike Staszewski

Patrol email:

•   Patrol HQ:  Hemsbach, Germany

The Administrative (Admin) Patrol, under Division Director oversight, is an optional home for those members that conduct business (Division, Region or Section) above the Patrol level.  The majority of our Division administrators, coordinators and advisors continue their local geographic patrol affiliations anyway but, the Admin Patrol is always there to provide a home for that occasional member where a local patrol association is not an option.  All Admin Patrol members retain their annual refresher obligations.

European Division Administrative Patrol membership also extends into the Middle East with a paid patroller cadre at the

SkiDubai3  Indoor Ski Arena in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

and as of March 2017 at

Pin Ski Egypt , a new indoor ski facility within the Mall of Egypt just outside of Cairo.